Our access to a diverse range of industry wide experts with deep domain experience of maritime, shipping, logistics and technology provides immediate value to companies seeking to transform their business.

Our dedicated team of consultants and trusted partners offer a wide range of consulting services to help you with all aspects of your business.



Digital Transformation

As the global maritime industry faces increasing pressure to provide deeper customer integration, companies must re-think their strategies.  Digital Transformation is not just a programme of IT projects - it is a cultural shift towards delivering services in a different way.

Our consultants understand that to achieve true digital transformation requires leadership and buy in from the entire company.  They will help you to evaluate your business model, develop your future state and engage your people in the delivery of a digital transformation roadmap that will keep you at the forefront in a rapidly changing world



Technology Implementation Services

Finding the right resources to deliver technical solutions can be difficult.  we get that!  The maritime industry in general lacks highly skilled technical resources that also understand the operational dynamics.

With our global network of connections, we have access to some of the most talented consultants in the industry, experienced in delivering:-

  • Terminal Operating Solutions (Tier 1, 2 and 3 solutions)
  • Automated Gare Solutions
  • Port Operating Solutions
  • Vessel and Yard Planning Solutions
  • ERP Solutions

Whether it's an individual consultant for a short term contract or a full team of specialists for a complex deployment, we'll connect you with the right people

Digital Marketing Strategies

Marketing your business in a digital world is difficult.  In a world where everyone can shout about their services, how can you be heard over the noise?  And with so many options, which one is right for you?

You need a proper digital marketing strategy.  Our digital marketing experts can help you with: -

  • Online Presence
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Branded Content
  • Social Media Marketing and Interaction
  • Online Communities
  • E-Commerce

We'll help you focus on a winning digital strategy, measured against KPI's to ensure that when your customers search for a service, you're always the number one result.



Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential for every company.  But in a complex and rapidly evolving industry, tracking changes can be difficult.  How can you deliver long term plans that stay relevant? 

Our global network includes experts from finance, commercial, operations, logistics and technology backgrounds.  Our consultants can review your strategic plans, provide meaningful insights into all aspects of the industry, help you evaluate the impact, and propose the changes that mean your strategic planning will always take you where you want to go. 

Logistical Evaluation

As the shipping industry grows, vessels become larger and equipment fleets expand, operational costs to global ocean carriers increase exponentially.  Balancing import and export traffic flows becomes challenging, with costs of repositioning, storage, repairs and maintenance extending into millions of dollars each year. 

With access to a global network of skilled consultants, we offer independent assessments to review your business and identify suitable logistics solutions, cost savings and areas for improvement. 

Commercial Feasibility

When you're looking at expanding into new areas, having unbiased, dedicated resources available to review your commercial models can be costly and difficult to justify.

Our highly skilled network of industry experts can provide valuable, independent, honest feedback to make sure you always make the right decisions for your business.  Our resources can help with: -

  • Financial Modelling
  • Commercial Viability
  • Operation and Logistical Impacts Market Size and Segment Appraisal
  • Competitor analyses
  • Market Evaluation (Size, Market Share,  Competition Review)
  • Identifying your USP
  • Developing Market Entry Strategy and Offering