Ports and Terminals bring unique challenges.  In the majority of cases, disparate software applications are deployed across the terminal to meet specific requirements.  With little or no integration between systems, the flow of data relies on the most error prone of all interfaces... a human interface.

Manual intervention and multiple points of data entry leads to inefficient processes and data errors that cost time and money.

Kale Europe have clearly identified that many of todays Maritime and Logistics companies have developed significant technology across their business –and of course these have helped to improve certain elements of their business. What is created is vast amounts of data and this tends to lead to numerous reports being produced. Kale have seen that although significant technology is deployed their tends to be a serious lack of Systems Integration across these solutions and the level of “Lost Opportunities” is significant.  Integration is the Key and the ability to process the collective reports into a single data silo. Kale Europe work with some leading Technology providers that look at the necessary API’s for data integration across multiple solutions, these are channelled using the latest development protocol’s and by using Artificial Intelligence and auto robotics data can be verified, many repetitive  processes can be fully automated and only essential data can be channelled to Management via configurable dashboards – allowing Management to focus on key decisions rather than over whelmed with mountains of excel sheets. For more information about Integration and MIS systems please contact us.


Global Trade continues to expand, the pressure on Ports to become a more integrated component within the Supply chain is paramount – examining internal processes and identifying areas which can be streamlined through the deployment of advanced collaborative technology platforms is the name of the game. We have access to the advanced CODEX platform which was developed to help Ports achieve greater visibility and flexibility to integrate with the Ports Customers – Carriers, Cargo Agents, Transportation Providers, Inland Clearing Depots and the Customs bodies.  Helping Ports process multiple documents into one single common doc’ , providing more accurate data on cargo movements and being able to process and handle in-bound and out bound traffic to reduce congestion levels across their infrastructure. Codex was developed to embrace all these areas and has been proven to improve efficiencies by up to 20% - when you consider for every 60 minutes delay a large Container vessels incurs at berth can costs as much as $80,000 so the time to move towards a CODEX collaborative platform us right. For more information on the platform or to arrange a WebEx session please contact us.


With diminishing Ocean freight rates –the Inland transport is where Operators are  realizing that their greatest potential to generate and maintain a margin of profit relates to the way in which they handle and manage their inland transportation.  With inland cargo moves becoming more complex with multiple modes of transport from Truck, Rail, Barge, Air and Feeder Services being able to manage and tie in with the most optimal routing options is critical.  With every customers requirements varying from fast transit and high service requirements, to the mid and lower tier shippers where cost is more relevant than speed. Having the ability to plan and analysis optimal routing modes, selecting from internal or external transport modes –will all be critical. Having the ability for Shippers / Carriers to access visibility data or to receive pickup and  drop off notifications or alert messaging if a key transport milestone is not met are all part of the core functions within Kale Logistics advanced TMS system.  For a more detailed review on the product please contact us.


Across the Supply Chain assets are critical to the success of the business and companies need the ability to manage these more efficiently in order  to achieve higher levels of productivity  while obtaining maximum utilization.  More companies are  turning to Asset Management solutions to enable more cohesive visibility and utilization of both “fixed and variable” assets. Companies are always trying to assess what levels an asset can be pushed to achieve maximum financial returns and at what point an asset might need to be replaced or upgraded.  At Kale Europe we work with our prospective clients to identify the business needs and the type of ROI  that could be achieved thru the deployment of  Asset Management solutions. We have  a global network of Software Solution providers and we will help to identify which solution will meet the clients requirements, and financial budgets and we will work with that Partner to ensure that a successful deployment is achieved.  So for more information on our Asset Management Solutions please contact us.


Warehousing has become complex in nature – as the nature of the Supply Chain becomes an essential requirement the need for effective warehousing and distribution requires careful monitoring – Kale Europe work with one of the leaders in advanced Warehouse Management systems – the applications allows operators to manage stock and commodities in a more effective manner – what ever the cargo – the solutions will provide optimal planning to ensure maximum utilization of the warehouse facility. On-Line Inventory Management and effective stock reports can be prepared for customers to select and pick which of their stock they want packed and shipped. Our solutions provide all the necessary billing and account management so that the Warehouse Management can quickly take stock of all commodities and provide both aging analysis and accurate billing.  Management can visualize the dwell time of cargo and commodities being stored. Coupled to the ability for a full transport order management providing all the relevant e-doc’s and customs notifications – the WMS solution is aimed at the Mid Tier Operators that seek the next level of systems to manage their growth in an ever changing market.  For more information on our WMS please contact us.


As container volumes increase the need for CFS and ICD facilities is expanding – many of the leading Terminal Groups are looking inland to provide a more integrated network to their shipper and carrier customers – having the ability to clear cargo inland and away from the terminals will free up much needed space within the marine facilities.  The need to process and manage large volumes of containers inland will drive the need for more integrated technology platforms to be deployed.  At Kale we have access to a market leading ICD/CFS technology suite – the key features 

Comprehensive customer portal for booking, request and real-time shipment tracking 

Complete export/import process management with functions such as Dock Stuffing, Gate Operations, Carting, Warehouse operations, Factory Stuffing, Customs Process, Re-work etc. 

Empty process management covering key functionalities like Gate Operations, Container Inspection, Container Transfer and Container Allotment

Complete Management of several allied CFS/ICD functions such as Domestic Cycle, Vehicle Freight Station (RoRo), Bond Cycle ,Transport Desk, Reefer, Maintenance and Repairs, Auction & Disposal

Efficient Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) with local Customs and CODECO messages for empty and laden containers

Integration with leading third party accounting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP, Oracle etc.

Support for more than 100 Management Information System (MIS) reports and dashboards 

Ability to provide drill down details pertaining to container throughput, customers, cargo handling volumes and profitability