Maritime Companies have already started to migrate towards Cloud based technology. Today’s  emphasis is to achieve higher levels of efficiencies all at a lower operational costs.  Deploying technology across a cloud will help companies of all sizes achieve the following :-

ØLow Cost of Deployment ØReduction in localized  IT support and Head CountØReduced Local Networking and IT infrastructure costsØCentralized Maintenance and Support ServicesØFlexibility to manage and monitor access to the systemsØBig Data collection

Kale Europe – technology partners can deliver their various maritime, logistical and shipping applications via a Cloud environment either hosted in the country of choice and all delivered in a highly secure environment. For More information or to have a review of your current IT models please contact us.


“IOT” has been a Hot Item within the Global Maritime Industry as Companies continue to deploy technology across their Operations. Of course Technology is key to helping achieve cost savings, and higher efficiencies. “Big Data” is being generated across these multiple IT solutions – Kale Europe have identified that many companies operate solutions in isolation the lack of integration is fairly common and these lead to “Lost Opportunity” and not always making the most of the data that is collected and processed.

“IOT” can provide the ability to connect with all areas of the business that are deemed to be critical for the companies operations – IOT allows for digital connectivity and data collection be these Systems or Assets IOT will track and manage data.

Kale Europe work with leaders in the field of IOT we can undertake a comprehensive independent review on where IOT can help your business and we can introduce the right solutions that will best meet your business model. For more information please contact us.


Todays Maritime business runs on the ability to share and manage data.  Companies Management and Staff, all rely on data to be delivered in a timely manner, the need to filter and provide only critical data is key. Having an over-load of data will sometimes be detrimental for Companies.  Mobile devices are being used and our solution providers can deliver their solutions across multiple applications from Cell phones, Tablets, and RDT’s  we have the ability to design and build specific Mobile Applications and data can be filtered and shared to the right personnel.  

For more information on our Mobility Solutions please contact us.


Business Intelligence forms a key element for Companies in todays highly competitive market, todays management  seek to better understand their business from all areas :-

üCommercialüFinancialüOperationsüEngineeringüLogistics’üIT / Technology ü

Companies tend to operate multiple solutions, they run across global geographies and they are tending to struggle to deliver tangible management information, Our solution providers understand that the KPI’s and Business Data is captured, filtered and processed and is delivered to management in highly configurable reports. We understand that data is the life blood for any company in todays highly competitive markets. Kale Europe can work with your company in identifying your reporting needs and we can then help define specific reporting formats that will make business more efficient. For more information please contact us.


qGlobal Maritime Companies face daunting times as their business models are continually being challenged, traditional models are struggling to adept to change and today’s Management struggle to predict when and where their business needs to change in order to meet their customers demands.  We have already touched on the importance of big data and the ability to provide Management Information Systems we look at one step further :-üDeveloping Predictive Modelling and Forecasting üThe ability to embrace “What if” scenarios – Virtual Planning and Business Modelling being able to predict when and where your business will need to evolve and where capital investments will be required in order to meet growth. üPredictive Modelling using HoloLens's Virtual 6thdimensional Models will help Management visualize these changes – being able to plug and play internal and external data and providing a true holistically vision on a global, regional and local area level of the business.

For more information on our Predicative Modelling please contact us.


“Ai” is slowly being introduced to the traditional Maritime Industry – Companies seek to streamline highly repetitive transactions and business processes in order to help save time and costs,  by adopting smart technology that uses Ai and automated robotics which  can run in the background of the existing Platforms can can help to analyse which steps can be automated thus taking out the Human Elements achieve  Head Count Savings and  improve levels of efficiency across the business enterprise. Ai can be set up to take away processes they can run 24x7x365 days a year and bring massive change to your current business model. For more information on our Ai platforms - please contact us.